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My Carnival of Thoughts

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Number 1


Cyndichan and I were talking about how, in a relationship, each person should be allowed one (1) exception. As in, they can choose one person (a celebrity) who, if the opportunity, however minuscule, should arise, they are allowed to go hook up with and it would not count as cheating.

Let me just start with: CHEATING IS BAD. DON’T DO IT. But I mean, dear future husband, if for any reason whatsoever, an opportunity arises with Justin Timberlake - and trust me, chances are like 0% - but, if a chance just happens to present itself, you’re gonna have to excuse me. Like, I love you, future husband, but Justin Timberlake.

Cyndichan was like, “Well duh JT is your one.” lol AND THEN SHE GOES:


And then it kind of just..


I’m sorry.

But in all seriousness, don’t do the cheating. And if Ri’s future significant other were to cheat on him with Justin Timberlake, I honestly don’t know whether he’d actually be able to complain. I’m serious. I think he’d just be like, "You did what? With who? No way… How was it?”

BUT LIKE I SAID! Not that the opportunity would ever arise because JT is happily married to the lovely Jessica Biel, and whoever goes up in between them is gonna have to personally deal with me ‘cause I will slap a bitch. (And I’m sure Ri would too.) No one messes with JT on my watch. (Or Ri’s.)

This has been a post of the “Hi, I’m tired and idk what I’m doing” variety.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I stand by everything I said!!!! 
Ri would be like YAAAASSSS~~~!!

But yeah, cheating is bad everyone don’t do the thing!
(Unless it is your one celebrity in your previously agreed upon list with your significant other! just sayin)

All-nighter time! 
Oh the joys of the week before finals!

I don’t know what it is about you. Maybe the way nothing matters when we’re talking, or how you make me smile more than anyone else has.

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do you wanna drink a coffee ~

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I took #Soompi’s “What Role Would You Play in a K-Pop Group?” Quiz and I got The Vocal! I am pleased with this result!
(Plus its got a photo of Hongki!) :) #kpop #vocal

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[Fancam] 140419 B.A.P - "Body & Soul" @ Live on Earth Chicago (Himchan, Youngjae & Jongup focused)