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My Carnival of Thoughts

Well I’ve made it to Illinois. Im getting closer and closer to my babies & @hyungbutt! Not much left of my drive now! B.A.P I’m almost there! :)

It’s Time For a New Adventure!


That’s right, a new adventure for another K-Pop concert is calling me!
I’m leaving my house right about the time this gets posted and driving to Merrillville, Indiana for the B.A.P concert at the Star Plaza Theatre as a part of the Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour!

Words cannot even explain how excited I am to see these 6 boys for the first time! They are one of my top four favorite K-Pop…

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#latergram from this morning. This is what it looked like when I left for class this morning. Interesting…snow in April, I’m over it. #minnesotalife


Cyndichan beat my best score on the tile game. (♯`∧´)

I can’t stop with this game…..!
(I haven’t beaten this score yet though)

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do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”



This is the reason gifsets were invented

friendly reminder that this wasn’t in the script - they were just messing around on set one day and this happened.

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Soooo when is Christmas? #AprilSnowstorm #minnesotalife

To Do List made & this is what my next two weeks of academics look like before finals. Oh the joy.